The seventh edition of the MGF2024 opens with the slogan Getting to Zero to discuss the opportunities of the energy transition, based on the principles of efficiency, urban/building integration and ecology, and to explore possible carbon-neutral solutions / technologies / strategies / processes / policies for Mediterranean cities.

‘Getting to zero’ addresses the transformation of our territories, cities and architecture, a transversal topic, deeply related to social dynamics and new energy landscapes.

In the unique socio-climatic and cultural context of the Mediterranean basin, one of the contemporary challenges concerns the search for a balance between the valorisation of tangible and intangible heritage that shapes the historical and cultural identity of places and the need of new scenarios to address the current crisis and respond to contemporary needs. The first step towards decarbonisation is the green transition to clean and renewable energy. As this revolutionary process requires time and the call for a change is urgent, we need to find other solutions to rethink cities from a carbon-neutral perspective and to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Key topics 2024

Energy transition;
Carbon-neutral cities;
Energy landscapes;
Urban resilience and climate change;
Nature-Based Solutions;
Energy efficiency;
Enabling technologies;
Energy communities;
Positive energy districts;
Green architecture;
Deep renovation;
Energy renovation of the cultural heritage;
Green technologies;
Passive solutions for retrofit;
Eco and recycled materials;
Life Cycle Design;
Renewable energies in building;
Buildings Integrated Photovoltaic – BIPV;
Energy and society;
Human proactive behaviours;
Energy awareness and community engagement;
Predictive design and monitoring systems;
Digital Twin-IoT-AI for Energy Efficiency;
Environmental comfort and wellbeing;
Policy and finance;
Educational and training.