This is the fourth bi-annual World Renewable Energy Congress and Network Forum aimed at the international community as well as Mediterranean countries. The first forum was held in 2010 in France. The Forum will highlight the importance of growing renewable energy applications in two main sectors: Electricity Generation and the Sustainable Building Sector.

The Mediterranean region was chosen to illustrate the viability of using renewable energy to satisfy all its energy needs. We are hoping to demonstrate the effectiveness of using renewable energy in these countries to act as a beacon of light to the rest of the world to follow.  Renewables are the cornerstones and the foundation of a truly sustainable energy future. Our mission is to promote enabling policies and to further develop a broad range of renewable energy technologies and applications in all sectors – for electricity production, heating and cooling, agricultural applications, water desalination, industrial applications and for the transport sectors leading to A BETTER, CLEANER AND SAFER WORLD


Prof Ali Sayigh: Chairman of the Forum & Chairman of the Technical Committee

Prof Marco Sala: Co-chairman of the Forum

Prof Fernando Recalde: Chairman of Italian Sustainable Construction Companies Session & Co-chair of Organizing Committee.

Ms. Angela Grassi: Chair of the Organizing Committee